Thursday, February 4, 2010


huhuh...i really blur..
what must i do?ignore HIm 4 a while?
giVE HIM time to think that he really wan to stay wit me or nOt?
what the fUcK !!! my heart really pain..i dont know wat to do..
ist my measure is true,to not text HIM?...huuhuh..
i really cnt do it,but i try very hard..
dear god what must i do..previously,i thought i can accept HIM even he still remember
his EXGF..but nOw i realise that i canT!!,so many time i try to accept that thing,but i fall...
sorry i cant do it HILARY..huuhuh..
i know both of eu got a story before..
atleast,plis care my heart ;'(..pliz understand me...
i dont need anything,i juz wan a sincerity of ur LOVE..can eu give me?

bEathx T_T

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dear god.jesus heart really hurt..i cant stand anymore..i really disapointed wit really not understand me,n never try tu know me more MEN!!!hey,im not juz sad about my plan to go and join my sis at kuala lumpur..i also sad about eu,why eu still cant 4get ur EXGF?why eu still miss her??who i am to eu??or i juz ur doLL to forget her??what the Fuck?i really cant stand anymore...i really tired to thinking about all this pain,tired to cry..i hv no tear already?huuhuhu...dear god,help me,hope i can face all of this..pliz send me a guardian to protect me..hope HIm cn understand me....pLis forget the gurL ,if eu really LOVE me..if eu cant,i will surrender and make eu free... i will hapy when eu hapy..please dun treat me like a doll,until eu FORGET her !! weak men ;'( begging eu..please understand me...please :"( jesus christ name,amen....

Monday, February 1, 2010

camping tripp

waaa...campin! camping! campingg!!!
huhu happy ow..even i felt very tired but i still can face it...huhuhu..syok pla kan ramai2 p camping...tenga2 utan lg tuh..ntah c dodoi tu bwa pun jauh2,ingat kn dekat2 ja knun..pnya jauh...mau dkt 1jam pun ada ow br smpai...adeh...but its ok lehh yg ptg hapy and got more experience aytee?ngeee...hope next day dpt p camping jn yg jauh2 sda la cm d pogunon tuh...giilaa ow..1st time sa bgini pnat smpai kaki luka2,sakit2 badann deeiiii...
ne kali lau p camping g,sa mau tdur 2 ari bru la siok...ahahakkk....k la dats alll....juz mau c tayang2 ja..wakkakaka! tatatitiittutuut :))